1 Organic Pineapple
1 small chunk ginger, washed and peeled
1 Organic Cucumber, washed and peeled
Mint* is optional

Juice all ingredients in a blender, (I just used the Vitamix.) I loved the mint addition but it’s not a must. Keep it simple and delicious!

When you think Pineapples, what usually comes to mind is just a beautiful, perfect fruit with a lovely crown, it may invoke you to some exotic island, most likely Hawaii, where they grow in abundance or Thailand. I bought this bromeliad plant and had no idea I was growing a pineapple, I was so impressed! It’s now my second favorite plant, isn’t it cute?!

The heath benefits are amazing. They contain an enzyme called bromelian, which is used to fight inflammation, reduce swelling, and great for heart health by breaking down blood clots. The reason it’s such a big winner with Covid days is for respiratory health. Pineapple is touted as the thinner of mucus that causes congestion in the sinuses, and helps with boosting your immunity. Some say it’s 500 times better than cough medicine, albeit I’d like to see the studies on that! Studies have been found that correlate bromelian to the reduction of inflammation in the lungs of asthma sufferers.

It also has a high content of Vitamin C antioxidant, Vitamin A, beta-carotene that helps with eye sight. Vitamin C is full of fiber to keep things moving.

Bromelain in Pineapple is an enzyme that helps produce a healthy gut flora, reducing constipation, bloating and gas.

As with anything, check with your doctor for any risk factors, too much of a good thing can cause issues. Always try to find an organic pineapple, non-gmo and wait until it’s ripened to juice, otherwise they can be toxic. It has the potential to cause heartburn in people with gastro reflux, could be an issue with kidney disease, and sugar content for cavities. So with that said, moderation is key.


Cucumbers help with weight loss, key to hydrating, high in fiber, silica, aids in connective tissues, digestion, and helps with constipation.


Ginger is amazing! It’s known for its healing properties when you have nausea, stomach issues, prevention of diabetes, helps reduce inflammation, known to reduce cholesterol levels.

Ginger is rhizome, used to cure a lot of health issues. Did you know that ginger is also anti-carcinogenic protecting? Ginger is known by the Pennington Biomedical Centre study to be used in the prevention and suppression of tumors, specifically suppressing VEGF. Also, ginger inhibits formation of new blood vessels that lead to tumors and cancer.

There are some precautions with ginger use, so again wise consumption. Always consult your doctor. It has blood thinning properties. If used for diabetes it can have complications. Large quantities can aggravate stomach issues.

So heal thyself with a variety of plant medicines and use this juice before you feel asthma or a cold coming on, to up your immunity. Cucumber is always a win. With Covid-19 this is an excellent juice to consume for your respiratory health.

Juicing: Try a green juice daily for immunity! My daily juice is Kale, sprouted sunflower, cucumber, celery, parsley, pea sprouts. It’s an artisan girlfriend that delivers fresh juices to our area, so I don’t have the hassle to make a green juice daily; yet they are so easy to make; so I encourage you to do it at home, if you don’t have a service in your area to support like this. Supporting friends in health is a wonderful thing to do! At “Green Your Spirit” is her company. She is a graduate of the Hipprocrates Health Institute. It makes me feel amazing and I add Spirulina mushroom elixirs to it to boost my immunity. Juicing is King for health.

Enjoy the recipe as a healing tonic! Comment below if you tried it!

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