Sweet Viola Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl

1 packet frozen Açaí

1 Packet frozen Dragonfruit

1 Packet Blue Majik

1 Banana

Almond milk

1 Scoop Moonjuice Protein Powder

1 scoop Maca Powder



Everything always Organic!*
Blend together, if you need it thicker for the bowl just add another banana.  Garnish with berries, hemp seeds, and violets, aka Jump-up-Johnnies.  My favorite edible flower to grow.  You don’t have to do all three but loved the purple Açaí mixed with Pink Dragonfruit and the E3Live Blue Majik, made an amazing color!

This Smoothie bowl will last you two days, the next day drink as a smoothie, so delicious, besides being beautiful.  Full of fiber, phytonutrients, and antioxidants!  How many of us get the recommended 5 servings of fruit a day?  Maca Powder is a stress reliever and known aphrodisiac.  Enjoy!  

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