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Wool is Cruel and Unsustainable

Yesterday, I was looking for cotton or rayon capes to layer for fall, and the woman in the store was trying to sell me wool, I told her I don’t buy wool and she asked “Why”? Most people think wool is simply just sheared and they roam pastures. Well with massive amounts of people it’s not the case anymore. Australia …

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Trance Essence ~ Aromatherapy Artisan Perfume

  Looking for Organic, Essential Oil Perfumes, this one is by far my favorite, what is yours? Quixotic and flirtatious, this Nectar combines the mercurial essences of musk, linden blossom absolute, blackberry, wild blue cypress, organic calendula and a drop of basil to expand the senses. Crisp, clean and slightly fruity, Whyte Rabitt walks the parallel universe lightly.   Sensually …

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Earthlings Movie

  This documentary will make you vegan.  Please watch it, it’s a crucial documentary known to change the lives of so many.   Would love to hear your comments after you watch entire documentary.  Thank you kindly!      

Earth Day Everyday!

I went to a local Earth Day event and was so inspired! They had green cars, speakers, tables for how to change your diet to Vegan, and also how to stop the cycle of plastic. I made a pledge to always carry cups with me for the green tea pick-me-ups in the afternoon and to no longer use plastic. I …

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Happy Earth Day! Eating meat isn’t green

Happy Earth Day!!  If every American skipped one meal of chicken per week and ate vegan foods instead, it would be like taking more than 500,000 cars off the road. In the US, 38 millions cows are raised for food each year. Their burps and farts comprise 20 percent of all US methane-gas emissions. It takes 24,00 gallons of water …