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The Dairy Industry Continues to Plummet as Plant-Based Alternatives Soar

Despite the fact that consumers can get the daily recommendation of calcium, potassium, and protein from fruits and vegetables, the dairy industry has spent billions of dollars trying to convince you otherwise. But don’t fall for their shady ploys. In truth, we can get the same nutrients from fortified plant-based milk and whole, plant-based foods. But as more and more consumers …

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Wacka Flacka Flame’s Amazing transformation

Wacka’s Flacka Flame’s amazing tranformation for his health shines, but he also has a heart for animals as shown in this video.   Thank you Wacka Flacka Flame for being a voice for the animals and a big influence in the hip-hop community and elsewhere.  So proud of  you!  

Dairy contains carcinogens

Renown doctor, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. Author of ‘The China Study’, a must read, has documented casein in cow’s milk is the most significant carcinogen we consume.  Carcinogens genetically transform normal cells into cancer-prone cells.  Dr. T. Colin Campbell has extensive research on this subject and also just happened to grow up on a dairy farm even milking cows.  For …

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An Avocado a Day <3

With the boom in Avocado toast and avocado’s in everything, we must take into account all the amazing benefits of eating these little sacred gems! So much nutrition packed in this beautiful fruit.  You can find my favorite Avocado Toast on this site.  In the meantime, reap all the benefits listed!  Your daily avocado will lead to beautiful skin and …

October Breast Cancer Awareness/Mediterranean Diet

A study from JAMA 2015 has found that a Mediterranean Diet supplemented with EVOO, reduces your risk of breast cancer.  The diet supplemented with EVOO which is rich in polyphenols are known to have anti-cancer benefits. Several prospective studies suggest that higher intake of fats, especially animal fats, may higher your risk of breast cancer. *WHI  

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Where do you get your protein?

The most common question asked to vegans is where do you get your protein?  This is just one chart that had over 3300 shares on my FB page.  An excellent chart at that @Vinchay Fit! 

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Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is essential for the vegan diet albeit, even meat eaters can be deficient.  B12 is best obtained from supplements, or a quick shot at your doctor’s office.  It is known to replenish red blood cells, nurturing for the nervous system, brain cells, and energy production.

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Saging for Seasons

Saging is a beautiful ritual to banish the negative and to clean out the old, we should sage more than just a new season, but make it a habit during the new season to welcome in new energies of light and love.  And whenever you feel you’ve been drained of other people’s energies, it releases the negativity and allows you …