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Earthlings Movie

  This documentary will make you vegan.  Please watch it, it’s a crucial documentary known to change the lives of so many.   Would love to hear your comments after you watch entire documentary.  Thank you kindly!      

Superfood smoothies

Superfoods are whole, raw foods which have retained their life forces and enzymes. Easily digestible and exceptionally nutritious, they contain proportionally higher quantities of nutrients and other benefits such as vitamins, proteins, good fats, and powerful antioxidants. Superfoods promote healthy elimination and presence of beneficial intestinal flora, and also assist in the prevention and elimination of disease and premature aging. …

That Vegan Dude

I could not help but post That Vegan Food—a knock-off on Green Eggs and Ham, vegan-style. By Jeff Ryan Peters That vegan dude That vegan dude! I do not like that vegan dude. Do you like the vegan food? I do not like it, vegan dude. I do not like the vegan food. Would you like it by itself? I …