Transformation Salad

Baby Gem Romaine

Red Dandelion

Collards Greens


Cherry Tomatoes

Parsley/Cilantro Fresh minced


Red Bell Pepper  diced

Pumpkin Seeds

Sprinkle with EVOO, salt, Nutritional Yeast and lemon   <<< Mix in bowl and add to each bowl of salad you have, this should last 2 days.

Have been following raw foodists for a long time, and always envied how healthy, vibrant and the glow they had.  So know a lot about it, now to apply it.  This is amazing to have just for dinner, fast during the day and eat as a meal.  Because it is a meal.  So nourishing with anti-oxidants, photo-nutrients, liver detox, weight loss and full of calcium!  Coming up with some weight loss tips so stay tuned!   Everyone wants to know how to keep their weight down.  Be well and would love to hear from you!  Start 2018 off with healthy salads everyday!  Make it a goal!

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