Vegan Activism in a Nutshell

Someone recently asked me on the page, “I’m new to the vegan lifestyle, and I’d like to know how to spread my awareness.”

It brings me back to when I first started.   Just couldn’t believe when reading “Diet for a New America” I was so shocked what we did to pigs in crates, and had no idea this was happening.  It saddened me to no end, became depressed and feeling helpless.  Then went to a therapist, and she suggested I get “pro-active.”  And here are some tips for you to get active for the animals.

1)  Join PETA, DxE, Mercy for Animals, Animal Save and get alerts from PETA, most of these have local activism, they usually have local/or reach out to them that you are planning an event and they will usually publish it for you.  PETA also has many actions to take, emails and text alerts, please sign up for them.  Sign Petitions and share them, tweet.  Also join other Animal Rights Organizations.  Have many friends I’ve met over the years from PETA, MFA, DxE and social networking!

2)  Donate to AR Organizations, they need the support or Sanctuaries.

3)  COMMUNITY!  So important to surround yourself with like-minded people.  We do such depressing work with Animal Rights.  Join Meetups at for locals that are vegan.  Have loved the Raw Vegan meet-ups because they know so much about food!  I’ve met some really close friends this way.  Join FB groups and reach out and build your friend lists with other vegans on Social Media.

4)  Books, documentaries;  Keep yourself educated on the topic especially around nutrition too.

5)  Grocery Shopping:  My business card is a three fold pamphlet on The Dairy Industry, regarding the treatment of animals, health impact and environmental impact.  When I’m grocery shopping in line and I see milk, and it is appropriate I will bring the subject up and hand them a flier, and thank them for being open minded to read it.  Also, while in line, and there is a long wait behind me I will with a sense of humor say “Has anyone tried these delicious vegan cheeses or Beyond Meat burgers?”  And maybe even throw in a recipe, people love it, because they are bored waiting and it’s engaging and fun!  Make it fun not lecturing, use humor and smiles.

6)  Leaflet on your own at a local grocers, etc… You can get fliers from PETA or Vegan Outreach.

7)  Fur Season:  Always have anti-fur stickers and leaflets, PETA has great ones explaining why fur is so cruel and have them in your purse or if a guy at least one on you, or cards about fur.  Talk to the person wearing fur about the cruelty involved, and if they are rude, put the anti-fur sticker on their back so others will see it.
The same for Canada Goose. Shame them if they are rude, the animals endure being skinned ALIVE for fur or for Canada Goose the geese and Coyotes stuck in cruel leg hold traps  just remember that!

8)  Always be polite unless it’s fur and they are rude.  Always be kind and know that you are a positive light for the animals.  Remember that you most likely started out as a meat-eater too, and it’s not always easy for people to change over that instantly. Have patience and know you are doing the best that you can do.

9)  Social Media:   It’s your page, do what you want but some tips:  Mix your page up with not so graphic to graphic, a recent poll shows more people are in it for their health, post the healthy stuff too, and environmental!  Mix it up so you don’t lose people.  Or if your lucky to have alot of activism in your area, you can always post those photos to encourage others to join in and that there are many of us fighting the good fight!

Make sure when you comment on a post that it’s polite and stick to the subject, spell correctly and make intelligent posts!  This is so helpful and easy to do.  You can be mad at upsetting posts, just be as tactful as possible and level headed when replying as most people will see it.  Be compassionate!  Share and engage, people are watching and may not tell you or reply.
Someone who filmed me a long time ago with Ingrid, was so adamant I was wrong about the dairy industry and called the local “organic” dairy and they convinced him it was a good business, even though they rip babies away from their mothers and auction the babies out to veal and mothers are milk machines.  One year later I see him at Whole Foods and he has non-dairy creamer and non-dairy milk, haha, was so happy!  We were laughing.  So you just never know!

10)  Show people how great vegan food is, share with them some vegan cheeses, give food away to neighbors, or people in line at grocers, etc…. most people don’t even know vegan cheese exists!  Anyone loves free food!

11)  Join Marches!  They are great way to spread the word that there are thousands of us, and it feels great to be with all the activists and being a voice for the animals!

12)  Never use doubt that you are making a change, keep your vision strong.  We are visionaries of light moving this planet forward.

13)  Visit Sanctuaries, show people how smart and loving the animals are!  Remember we were all brainwashed to think they don’t feel, they don’t suffer.  People love seeing cows being hugged, pigs being loved, turkeys etc…………

Thank you for your activism in any way shape or form!

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