This highlights just a few of the many elite vegan athletes to dispel the myth that men need meat and dairy to obtain optimal performance such as these bodybuilders, cross-fit, parkour, weightlifting champions, tennis champion, or any type of athlete.
Men for far too long have been disparaged as scrawny and weak if they are vegan. Just take a look at these amazing men, who chose ethics for the animals and planet, and they know that it’s the healthiest diet to beat inflammation and diseases. Many starred in the “The Game Changer’s Documentary” to dispel the myths of eating meat being “macho”. The penis Doctor, Dr. Aaron Spitz has great information for men’s health in the documentary! We are here and have been here to break that the myths of “meat does a body good” It does the opposite. I highly recommend watching it! Let’s start with Sir Lewis Hamilton:


Sir Lewis Hamilton is not just a Vegan World Champion F1 driver, but uses his platform to speak up for the animals and more, -these actions speak volumes of where he stands on animal rights. His mental acuity to drive at fast speeds and be one of the most winning top F1 Champions speaks for his extreme athletics, with cross-fit surfing, running, swimming, racing. A real fit and top Champion with compassion!???????? @lewishamilton ????

⚜️Lewis has asked his fans to not support cruel dolphin attractions.
⚜️Spoken up for whales in the Faroe Islands and shared footage.
⚜️Shared graphic footage of PETA Asia’s leather industry in a Thailand abattoir; also produced a vegan shoe line.
⚜️Opened vegan restaurants in UK, Dubai, LA and NY with more slated to open @neat.burger
⚜️Executive-Producer in @gamechangersmovie
⚜️Inspiring Mercedes to go completely vegan leather in their cars and electric.
⚜️Roscoe his dog is vegan too.
⚜️Sir Lewis Hamilton also gives to many charities.

Novak Djokovic accredits his vegan plant-based diet to his performance. He’s inspired many to go vegan plant-based.
We have some of the BEST Athletes!

Check out his Instagram for more amazing fitness from Jeremy. This was just a couple weeks ago, Congrats Jeremy!

Nimai Delgado has never eaten meat, and a vegan for over 6 years. Nimai is a successful bodybuilder, competing in the IFBB Professional League Men’s Physiques. He’s thriving vegan. Listen to his podcast or follow his instagram for his inspiring food feed!

Patrik Baboumian is an Iranian born German retired strongman and former bodybuilder. In 1999, he won the IFBB German Junior Bodybuilding Championship, 2002 he became the Overall Junior Champion at the GieBen Campions-Cup. Baboumian held the world log lift record in the 105kg category 165 kg (364 pounds), as well as the German heavyweight log lift record 180kg (396 pounds) and the title of “Strongest Man of Germany” (105 kg division). Since 2006, he has been competing at IFSA Strongman events. And many more accomplishments in heavy weightlifting.

In 2018, Baboumian was featured in the Netflix documentary “The Game Changers” directed by Louie Psihoyos, a film that explores nutritional science and showcases elite athletes who only consume plant-based vegan diets.

World Boxing Cruiserweight Champion Lawrence Okolie, hails from the UK and we are glad to have him on the right side of the ring! Okolie is a professional boxer who has held the cruiserweight title since 2021.

James Newbury a famous Cross-fit athlete wins top five fittest men of Australia!

Noah Hannibal won the gold metal division of benchpress at the 2021 Oceania Championships! He says “not too bad after 30 years of wasting away as a vegan!”

Fit Vegan

Rob Bigwood starred in the series “Game of Arms AMC”, Armwrestling TV shows and is a Champion Arm Wrestler. This may just be one of my favorite quotes!

Paul Mann is an accomplished Parkour athlete and successful actor and fitness instructor, you can catch him riding to yoga upside down on a car on the way there! Amazing athletic feats he performs.

This is a short list, please make sure to watch “The Game Changer’s” documentary at the top! You won’t want to miss out! Some amazing men who use compassion and intelligence to win big!

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