Juliet, my rescue from Romania Animal Rescue. Her DNA a ‘European Street Dog’. She’s my everything!

This topic has been coming up quite a bit on the pages Instagram and FB, and would love to discuss it! I’ve raised 2 dogs vegan. My westie was vegan and died at age 16 from Asthma pneumonia related disease, she lived a long healthy life. Vibrant fun, and active. Juliet my rescue from Romania is now almost 16 and recently had a Splenectomy in September 2021. Juliet collapsed in front of me at my desk and I went into panic mode not knowing what was wrong. I called her vet and they said take her to the emergency clinic. She had a tumor the size of a melon, and Hemoabdomen (bleeding into the abdominal cavity) and they needed to do the surgery right away in order to save her life. They kept saying to me with a tumor this size we highly doubt it will be benign. I said, “Can you please stop putting that out there, and when you go into the surgery I would like you to please visualize it being benign.” They said okay. I prayed for Juliet while she was in surgery and asked the Angels to help, and did strong visualizations. I am relieved to say they were SHOCKED it wasn’t malignant. They kept repeating that, I said, “That’s because she’s VEGAN.”

Why do I believe that? Just like humans our pets get cancers, diabetes and other diseases from eating meat and dairy, so do our pets, because we feed them toxic, preservative, chemical laden pet foods. Also, on Evolution Pet Diet Food by the CEO Eric Weisman, CAHP, NCEP, from the University of Guelph (Research Intensive and ranked one to the top 600 Universities) has stated that “stray dogs and cats picked up by Animal Control Kill Shelter Officers take them to kill shelters and kill them. Animal Control Officers also send bodies of poisoned stray and abandoned Dogs, Cats, Ferrrets, Rabbits, etc. to Pet Food Plants to be ground up for Pet Foods and Slaughter Animal Feed Ingredients.”

Also, downer animals are frequently used in pet foods, animals that have cancer and diseases, and deemed a downer because they are no longer able to walk. Veterinarians are in the business to sell pet food and make money, many have no clue about how healthy the vegan diet is for dogs. I’m very lucky to a great Vet and vegan approved dog!


Raw Pet food seems to be a rage, when my girlfriend’s dog got cancer at 12, rather than turn her vegan she went to raw food; people seem to think that raw foods consisting of uncooked meats, whole or ground bones, raw eggs, yogurt are healthy foods for your dogs. There have been many recalls on raw foods, as you can imagine it’s harmful in more ways than one. Raw foods could be contaminated and lead to bacterial infections that compromise your pet’s health. Also the risk of nutritional deficiencies. The CDC recommends against feeding raw food to dogs and cats because of the risk of illness to the pet as well as anyone living in the household. These foods are not heated to remove some of the harmful germs.


Bramble hit the Guinness World Record for being one of the longest living dogs! She was an amazing Border Collie, the guardian Anne who resides in West England is an animal rights activist. Anne was interviewed by V-Dog below:

Anne, it’s so great to speak with you. We’re so glad to be connected and hear about Bramble’s amazing story. First, how did you get started down this path of a 100% plant-based diet for Bramble?

Yes, it’s great to speak with you! I went vegan after receiving leaflets about the horrors of the dairy industry. I began to research plant-based nutrition for myself and for my first rescue dog Floyd. I read books like “Diet for a Small Planet.” I learned that all food can be broken down into chemical components. I ultimately found that my dogs could not only live on a 100% vegan diet, but really thrive on this type of food.

Exactly how long did Bramble live to?

Bramble lived to just over 25. (Most sources say 27, Anne confirmed 25.)

How old did Bramble’s dog friends live to?

The average of a Collie is 14. I’ve had seven dogs– three of them lived to 19 year-old, one lived to 20 -years old, and then Bramble lived to 25 years-old.

Did all of those dogs eat a vegan diet?

Yes, they did.

What did Bramble mainly eat? What was her favorite food?

Bramble’s diet was made from 100% vegan ingredients. Her diet consisted mainly of lentils, textured vegetable protein and rice. This type of meal is nutritious, and also low cost. I’d cook up a base of organic brown rice, red split lentils, vegetables, and some additional ingredients like yeast extract and herbs. Her favorite food was everything!

Are there additional reasons besides ethics and health, that you choose a vegan diet for yourself and your dogs?

Plain and simple, our desire to feed ourselves and our dogs flesh foods is destroying the planet. It’s really become catastrophic and we need change. A plant-based diet for dogs saves a ton of valuable resources like water and land as compared to a meat-based diet.

What would you say to people who insist on feeding their dog meat?

Just because someone is feeding their dog flesh, they tend to think there’s some magical ingredient in this flesh that’s keeping their dog healthy. Dogs need protein, but protein is not exclusively found in meat. It is made from amino acids and plants provide plenty of these building blocks and nutrients for dogs.

Additionally, the only reason their dog is getting these amino acids is because the animal that they’re feeding to their dog (the cow, chicken, etc) ate plants. Most animals killed and used for meat-based dog foods are fed antibiotics and medications throughout their life. This all ends up meat-based dog foods. Much of the meat in the dog food industry is deemed unfit for human consumption. They use the meat that is diseased and sitting around. These animals are also stressed before they are slaughtered, so the stress hormones end up in the flesh that your dog eats. For more on Bramble and her interview with Guardian Anne, check this amazing dog food company! V-Dog!

A huge thanks to Anne for telling Bramble’s amazing story! Want to learn more? Check out Anne’s Book: Bramble; The Dog Who Wanted to Live Forever.

Did you know some v-dogs have lived into their 20s on our complete and balanced vegan formula? See their stories here on V-dog site linked above.


The meat in dog food has a huge environmental impact!

UCLA researcher finds that feeding pets creates the equivalent of 64 million tons of carbon dioxide a year!

Raising livestock for meat takes up land, water, and energy, which pumps lots of heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the environment. And America’s Dogs and cats are responsible for a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions caused by animal agriculture, according a study, which adds up to a whopping 64 million tons of carbon-dioxide equivalent emitted in the production of their food. That’s due to all the meat our furry friends gobble down, according to the research.

With many Americans choosing to eat less meat in recent years, often to help reduce the environmental effect of meat production, UCLA geography professor Gregory Okin began to wonder how much feeding pets contributes to issues like climate change.

All that meat has important consequences. Okin calculated that meat-eating by dogs and cats creates the equivalent of about 64 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, which has about the same climate impact as a year’s worth of driving from 13.6 million cars.

The good news – your dog can thrive on a meat free diet!
It’s often thought that dogs are exclusive meat-eaters. This belief stems partly from the fact that dogs are related to wolves, and from the fact that dogs belong to the scientific order Carnivora, which includes wolves and other meat-eating species. Despite its name, this order also includes herbivores and omnivores, such as giant pandas and raccoons, according to Tufts University’s Cummings Veterinary Medical Center.

Pet food company Wild Earth for example developed a vegan dog food that uses sustainable yeast protein for their product.

Consider switching your dog to a vegan diet and feel good about not contributing to factory farming’s high carbon emissions and mistreatment of animals.|


JULIET recovered wonderfully for her serious surgery. She is slower on her walks but that is part of this type of surgery, just the fact she survived is a miracle. Her DNA has her as a “European Street Dog”, a rescue from Romania Animal Rescue, she’s always been lean, but since surgery she is at 30 pounds which is part of this type of surgery, before she was 33 pounds, her appetite is back and she eats really well. She walks daily, fresh air, gardening with me (organic) and much love!

Her Vet approved her vegan diet and gave her a diagnosis as “healthy”, and “Keep up the good work.”

Tell me is your dog vegan yet? The love of our pets is immense, try the great brands: here in US.

Evolution Pet Food is Juliet’s favorite and I mix it with Nature’s Balance Plant-Based Vegan Dog Food and The Missing Link vegan Omega’s.

Other great brands are V-Dog,

Wild Earth

Am I missing any? Juliet prefers moist dog food. Long live our dogs!

Juliet with my vegan daughter, Katrina

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