Vegan Dogs ~ My Rosslyn and Juliet

My dogs Rosslyn and Juliet, from Romania Animal Rescue, are vegan for the same reason, animal abuse, health and the environment.  Also, there is a rise of cancers, obesity and diabetes in dogs, they can thrive off a vegan diet since they are domesticated.  And did you know that the longest living dog, Brambles was vegan at age 27, he made a world record!

They love Evolution Diet Pet Food made by a health practitioner, also V-Dog Kibble and treats, and love Linda who owns it, her website is fantastic full of information.   Dogs love moist food so they get the canned dog food full of nutritional benefits just for dogs, such as Taurine.    Are your dogs vegan too?  Show me their photos!  We’d love to see them! 11350400_822885034459639_3347870910109195111_n



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