VEGAN FASHION ~ Faux Fur Brands to be in the now!

It’s an exciting time for animal rights activists! We’ve accomplished so many victories over the past 5 – 10 years, with PETA, Robert Banks and Rachel Ejsmont and many activists taking Direct Action to Designers in NYC, also many anti-fur organizations, like Anti-Fur Coalition CAFT, and way too many to name, that have had a large part of legislation and enacting Countries to ban fur. I am happy to say that I’ve been to quite a few fur protests and marches, but absolutely nothing close like the tireless work that these activists and many other activists have done!

There are so many alternatives to the horrific cruel fashions of wool, down, fur, angora, mohair, exotic skins, leather; we have every alternative to wear and to keep us warm. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, it gets really cold and I find that faux furs, faux downs, faux sherlings are just as warm and luxurious without the cruelty to animals and the planet.

As we’ve seen all the top couture designers ban fur, just this past week, Moncler and Dolce & Gabbana to start 2021. Below outfit is a faux fur jacket from a small local boutique in Los Angeles, the platform silver heels are from “Chinese Laundry”, and Stella McCartney handbag. I find most of my vegan shoes from this line and also, “Lulus”. My favorite for hiking jackets are from “Alo” Yoga, not a vegan brand, but a large selection of warm and faux! I got off topic because Vegan Fashion is NOW finally exciting! Here are some great Faux Furs that are luxurious without the cruelty. We will see top designers beginning to incorporate more. What an exciting time for Animal Rights Activists with all the fur victories! #crueltyfree #crueltyfreefashion #crueltyfreeisbeautiful

Some great faux fur lines to know:


Charlotte Simone

Donna Sayler’s Fabulous Furs

Stella McCartney



Miranda Dunn London

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