Vegan Leather Shoe Guide for Men

Photo Credit:  Noah’s Italian Vegan Shoes

With more and more people opting for cruelty-free clothing and shoes, the demand for vegan leather, synthetic microfiber, and recycled materials have skyrocketed. Nowadays, vegan leather can be made out of wine (yes, wine!) and even pineapples, making animal leather obsolete.

Payless, Old Navy, and even Macy‘s all offer vegan shoes. Just make sure to check the label before purchasing! For food, fashion and etiquette for the ethical man, The Discerning Brute is a great resource. And don’t forget to share this post with all of the ethical men in your life. The more people who know about vegan leather options, the better!


  1. Those who are eking by on very nominal budgets octen have
    needs that extend beyonbd food. Therefore, choosing organic clothes within the others is often a worthwhile option. Under uch
    cases, you actually purchase the emblem name, rather than thhe quality.

    1. Yes, understandably but the costs shouldn’t break your budget if you shop consciously. The real point of buying vegan is to save the animals and environment and without ditching style! Thank you so much for your compassion!

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