Vegan Miyoko’s Creamery Cheese Bruschetta

Dellafattoria Loaf Bread*

1 Pint Mixed Organic Cherry tomatoes

Chives, Thyme, Oregano, Basil, diced finely

Dressing:  2 tbs. Della Terra Artisan Balsamic Vinegar 6 Tbs. EVOO

1/2 Shallot finely diced, Lemon Lavendar Sea Salt, whisk and marinate the tomatoes for an hour if you have time.

In an cast-iron pan add olive oil and 2 cloves garlic diced, add sliced bread and brown lightly on both sides.  Remove from pan.

Add Miyoko’s Creamery Herbes De Provence Vegan Cheese spread on slices of bread.  Top with marinated tomatoes.

Absolutely divine!  *the best loaf bread you can find!  I find toasting the bread in an iron pan is faster and taste great plus the added benefit of iron.  11986415_858784754175936_2793468194464938462_n


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