Vegan Organic Gardening

My greatest *hobby* love in life is my organic veggie garden.  What could be more satisfying than turning food scraps into a deep rich black gold soil.  Right now it’s November 2014, and the weather has changed.  It’s still warm out when we usually have a lot of rain.  The rain is now rare, as we are in an extreme drought in California.

So on to a positive note!  I have the most beautiful mixed green lettuces, beets, Arugula, Kale, Brocollini, herbs, sweet peas, edible flowers, and planted onions and Leeks.

Here is a photo of my garden, hope you can grow anything, but the best is edible flowers or just fresh herbs, nothing will beat having those two and anyone can do it.   Zero animal products are used; No blood meal, no manure, etc…  and the PH levels are perfect!   It’s all about crop rotation, composting veggie scraps mixed with grass cuttings and leaves; turning it into the soil and vegan fertilizers.

Vegan Organic Garden

Vegan Organic Garden

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