Veganic Organic Gardening

April 2019

Spring is a time to destress! This Spring has been full non-stop, my kids were home for College Spring break which was amazing, it seems so long ago already. It makes the house come alive again, they are amazing young adults, I feel so blessed. Now back to de-stressing, one huge stressor for me is Animal Rights, to see those images day in and day out is too much, it’s so important if your in this work to detox and take time for yourself. You must take breaks, stress kills.
Also, so behind on my life with deleting over 40,000 photos, and backing up the computer, i.e. computer nightmare. A death in the family, etc…

Life is full for everyone and stress is something we all need to detox from. I’ve missed our VGP FB/Instagram community so much! Hope everyone is enjoying this Spring and taking some time for yourselves! On to the GARDEN, my sanctuary!

After Winter, the Fava Beans, so beautiful!
Putting the fava beans into the ground to get ready to plant. You turn them into the soil.
My Little Vegan Helper, Rosslyn, she’s 15 and happy and healthy! Juliet from Romania is around somewhere!

Have you ever seen all the ANIMAL products/exploitation of animals used for gardening! Just over the top and it is SO unnecessary. To do Organic Veganic, all you have to do is:

1.) COMPOST: Compost all your veggie kitchen scraps, cover with leaves or cut grass, layer upon layer and soon you’ll have what is described as “Black Gold” filled with earthworms.

2.) COVER CROPS: Plant cover crops around November/December, I love Fava Bean Crops they are stunning as you can see in the photos. Fava Beans add Nitrous to your soil.

Come Spring and I’m a little late getting to them, but yes April 26th, which is now, I am tearing everything out of beds, cutting down the favas and turning them into the ground. It’s labor intensive but LOVE the exercise. It builds muscle! And my dogs absolutely LOVE the garden. We have special times together here.

4.) IMMERSE COMPOST: Add your compost tilling into the ground. This is your vitality and what fuels growth.

5.) RAKE THE BEDS: and leave for a few days to let the snails find a new home out of the beds! To deter snails, I recommend copper around the outside of your beds. These beds have sunken, so the copper is not as effective as it was. So next year will rebuild the beds higher and add new copper, it works fantastic!

6.) ROTATE YOUR BEDS: When you plan what your going to plant. You should write down where you planted for instance your tomatoes last year, and this year they should be in another bed, same for kale, etc….

Plan what you are going to plant and plant! This year I want to try less crowding so snails will have less of a chance. And one bed for each vegetable, I usually mix them up.

There you have it! So easy and your veggies will turn out delicious! My one tomato is already in, I planted that last month. If you don’t have a garden and live in an apartment, find a space in the neighborhood and build one, or add planters around your deck or apartment and have others join in! Enjoy!

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