Vegans aren’t perfect

Being vegan, becoming vegan, just being vegan. Does not mean we are “perfect” complete humans. We come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, rich, middle class, poor. Democrats, Republicans, Gays, Heterosexuals, Rednecks, Mystics, Yogis, Atheists, Christians, All Religions, High achieved athletes, Professionals, Corporates. All over the World we are!

Even though I see what I see on a daily basis as a blogger, I have to research and look at the death and torture of animals, in order to create the change to share it. Always reminding myself to remain optimistic! Without being optimistic we will not see the results we want to see!

I am just like you full of imperfections. We do have one thing in common empathy.

Vegans Are Not Perfect

Vegans Are Not Perfect

I want to hear about you and your journey. How has it affected your life? What can I do to help you become vegan and stay vegan. What is your life like? Tell me your story.

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