On October 3, 2022 for Paris Fashion Week, Stella aroused her audience in the courtyard of Centre Pompidou Modern Art Museum, showcasing iconic fashion models such as Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, and Amber Valletta in her jaw-dropping wearable, luxury sustainable collection. McCartney’s ready-to-wear was created out of 87% conscious materials, making it the most ecologically responsible to date. 

Stella wanted to have a show that was inclusive and a wearable approach to show you can have sexy and luxurious without the use of animals. Highlighting the show Bella shined in a sexy sheer catsuit, her sister Gigi wore a gorgeous low cut suit. The runway was flowing with bright colors of satin dresses to suits, to stunning low cut trousers with embellishments of rhinestone that were luxurious yet simplistic for everyday on many pieces. Her iconic vegan leather bags were also a hit. 

“We are proud to be eco-weirdos, and hope you will join us in our mission to end the needless deaths of animals for fashion,” Stella stated in her fashion notes. She also highlighted the toxic carcinogenic tanning for animal hides used in the leather industry, contributing to water depletion, and the costs of the lungs of the earth, -the Amazon Rainforest. 

Stella’s interview with VOGUE:

With 87 per cent of the materials being conscious, this is your most sustainable collection ever. What other techniques did you use? 

“All the faux leather, the vegan shoes, the plant-based materials. And then we have the mushroom leather, which is great–and tonnes of other stuff. Because the mycelium mushroom is so cutting-edge, we are only able to manufacture a thousand bags at the moment, so we did a limited edition of a hundred. In the rhinestones, we don’t use animal glues and we don’t use the solvents that normal rhinestones have, which means we have fewer colors and scales to choose from, so it’s a very different process. But hopefully it looked fabulous nonetheless.”

As sustainability adviser to LVMH, how are you impacting the company?

I think the fact that Mr. Arnault is sitting there and can look at all those bags, all those shoes, all those non-leather jackets, and can compare with all his other houses and see that there is no sacrifice visually, or in make, or in quality, is really important. The regenerative cotton was a pilot they funded. We’re a smaller house so we couldn’t necessarily afford that three-year investment. And so now they can see it. We have faux leather that uses the waste grapes from vineyards, so I’m trying to make his vineyards do that. That’s the exciting thing for me: to show the rest of the world. I have this incredible seat at the table and I want to infiltrate from within.

Her famous legendary father, Paul McCartney, was in the audience sitting with Bernard Arnault, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LVHM. Her role with LVHM is to get the company to a more ecological standpoint and it’s never been more apparent that fashion needs to move in that direction. She has stated that LVHM has paid for a three-year pilot to make regenerate cotton–grown in ways that maintain the soil. She said the process “captures carbon in the soil,” and encourages nature, as opposed to destroying it with pesticides.” Elaborating on her advisory role, McCartney was able to showcase her eco-pioneering clothing to CEO Bernard Arnault.

Speaking with her legend musician father, Paul, she was “chuffed” that this spring collection set a house record for being 87% sustainable. It’s my most sustainable yet. I hope nothing was sacrificed; you shouldn’t see any of the sustainability–it should look luxurious,” she said. McCartney described it as having a “positive impact,” having CEO Bernard Arnault to witness the luxury of sustainability in her luxurious line of animal-free clothing. He’s not stupid — it filters in”, she said. “He can look at all of those bags and all of those shoes and all of those non-leather jackets. And he can compare between his other houses and see that there is no sacrifice visually.”

She will always be known as the Eco-Queen/Visionary of eco-conscious luxury wear. Stella McCartney is the only fashion designer that is free from animal cruelty. “It’s the future of fashion, –But it’s not killing any animals; it’s not cutting down any trees.” It’s the beginning of something new,” Stella stated. Thank you Stella for leading the way.

We hope that with your show you encourage not just Mr. Arnault but the rest of the world with your animal-free luxury wear, that is truly the future we need. “Change the History!”

For those of you who are not privy to what happens in the Fashion World, please watch the new documentary “Slay.” The Fashion Industry kills at least 2.5 Billion animals every year, from fur bearing animals, leather, wool, down, exotic skins…., –it’s an endless horror for the animals and planet, and it needs to be changed. Don’t be a consumer of this horror to animals and detriment to our planet. Please watch it now and open your eyes, it’s a great documentary!

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