B12 and Omegas ~ Two Essentials For Vegans

There are mainly two nutritional supplements recommended for vegans.

Vitamin B12 and Omegas. B12 is needed to replenish red blood cells, nourishing for the nervous system and brain cells. Depletion can have consequences that could lead to anemia and nerve damage.

My preference is a shot at my doctor’s office or Solgar B12 taken sublingually.
Dose recommended by my doctor is 1000 mcg/daily.

Omegas, for the nervous system, hair and skin.  You can add Omegas to your salad dressing (flax or hemp oils) or Shakes in the morning so easy to do! Sprinkle hemp seeds over salads, top your fruit shakes, just about anything!
Five great sources: Walnuts, Flaxseeds, Flax Oil, Chia, Hemp seeds, also some fortified Nutritional Yeasts.
Recommended by my doctor 2000 mg/daily

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