First anxious ones there! 🙂 I feel very blessed that my two adult children reside in Los Angeles, CA. There is a large vegan community and a plethora of vegan eateries that are beyond amazing. Matthew Kenney’s Plant Food & Wine is without a doubt my favorite. It’s a complete whole-foods plant-based dining experience, with a beautiful garden setting, or you can opt for sitting inside too. (Please note we were the first to arrive in photo below, as this place gets packed! ) Plant Food and Wine is a decadent vegan food experience that taste out of this world.

My visits to LA is my love of the city and especially to see my family and friends. My daughter is vegan at 26, not an activist but loves to show her community how delicious vegan food is, a great cook and has a plethora of health knowledge. I consider my son and his friends very close family and love to treat them to good food. So we always get together and eat vegan. My children never had meat nor milk growing up and they are fit and healthy. My daughter, Katrina can deadlift up to 130 pounds! (she doesn’t like photos) she’s gorgeous, happy, sweet and GIVING.

My son’s friends were very impressed with the food, and I love that. Also, my best L.A. friend is from Brazil and he loves vegan food and has incorporated many vegan foods to his home and when eating out. He loves Crossroads Kitchen and Gracias Madres. We opted for Gracias Madres this time, crab cakes are the best! (The photos wouldn’t load) Brazilian friends are the best, so fun! I was also able to get a lunch with my favorite activist, Rob Banks who literally took down the fur industry in New York. We always strategize about animal rights, is what we are doing affective? How can we be more affective? It’s a meeting of the minds. He’s an amazing human being, we dined lunch at Crossroads Kitchen.

Have you been to Los Angeles and what was your experience in vegan dining? Make sure you make it to Plant Food & Wine, Crossroads Kitchen, Gracias Madre and another favorite is Cafe Gratitude. Oh yes, the vegan pizzas at Matthew Kenney’s “Double Zero” are a must! I’ve never had a vegan pizza so amazing the crust is divine and the toppings. So many to choose from, it makes for a fabulous trip to beautiful Los Angeles. If you have questions about what to do or where to stay, please ask!

Viva Los Angeles for the Vegan eats! Let me know if you go and where you landed to eat, there are so many other great ones, Nics on Beverly….. wordpress is acting up, it wouldn’t allow the other food photos load. Plant Food & Wine is exquisite as is all the Matthew Kenney and other vegan chefs are creating. Bon Appétit!

First arrivals at Plant Food & Wine my son and his best friend, Dash THIS PLACE GETS PACKED! So make reservations.
We have the Avocado Tikka, (Curried Leaf Yogurt with Avocado) Potato Flatbread, Gnocchi with herb butter and Spring Vegetables. Maitake; with Peas, tendrils, alfredo below: All beyond amazing. If you have to pick just one the Tikka and Panna Cotta Also, Jackson Barber another close friend not pictured another time. Vegan Handbag by Angela Roi.
Avocado Tikka: Curry Leaf Yogurt, Avocado, Herbs served with Potato Flatbread, DIVINE!
My best LA Brazilian friend, Daniel, we have so much fun!

Panna Cotta with Blackberries and Basil. Out of this world.
Vegan shoes from Chinese Laundry, casual look.

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