YUM Mexican Bowl

Mexican Black Beans

1 ~ 2 cans Black Beans
1 Shallot diced
1 Garlic diced
6 Cherry Tomatoes minced
1 tbs. Coriander Seeds/Cumin Seeds browned in skillet and mashed with Mortar and Pedestal
1 tbs. Chili Powder/Salt

Sauté shallots, garlic in heated grapeseed oil, cook, stirring frequently 4 minutes, add the tomatoes, and spices, and simmer for 5 minutes with a splash of water while simmering, then add the beans and simmer lightly until flavors marry.

Short Grain Brown Rice

1& 3/4  cups water

1 cup Brown Rice


Bring water to boil and add rice, reduce to low simmer and cover with lid cook for approximately 40 minutes, you may need to add water to cook longer.  Taste for doneness.

Collard Greens

Sauté lightly in Grapeseed Oil, Minced Garlic until lightly coated and then add splash of water and cover with lid and steam for 3 -4 minutes until light green.  Salt and squeeze of lemon.

Purple Sweet Potatoes

Wash potatoes well, and put in waterproof baking dish, add water to bottom and bake at 450 degrees for approximately 30 -45 minutes.  Check for doneness by slicing in half.  Slice in half and slice into rounds and sauté in a little coconut oil, and lightly coat with cinnamon.

Garnish with Avocado,  Soft Vegan Cheddar, such as The Cultured Kitchen or Miyoko’s “Cheers to Cheddar”, Chives, Lettuce, Salsa.

What a healthy bowl of goodness!  Black beans made from scratch would be perfect but time is everything if your in a rush and bowls are supreme if you want whole-foods plant-based so compromising with a can of beans is fine.  The Sweet Potatoes are easy throw them in first as you start your rice cooking.  It takes less than an hour to prepare this bowl and is beyond delicious!  Wow, just loved this one.  Hope your trying some recipes!  And this is easy and so amazingly tasty!  YUM!



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